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Disco is Dead!

Disco is Dead! is a 2-player buddy cop comedy horror arcade game that follows the story of Reggie and Kenny -- two disco-loving cops who must save their city from a zombie outbreak with their ultimate handy dandy weapon… slapping!

The game plays with slappable zombie heads and disco ball controllers for a more immersive experience!

The Third Floor Team
We are a team of Game Designers and graduates of Sheridan's Bachelor of Game Design program who worked on
the 8-month capstone project, Disco is Dead! 

Producer & UI DESIGNER

Kassandra Kadar @Kass_with_Klass

Lead Game Designer & Narrative Designer

Coulter Baker @CoulterBaker 

Creative Director & LEAD PROGRAMMER & Narrative Designer & Sound Designer

Jeffrey Barkun @BarkunJ_Games


Jennifer Johnson @JennAberin 

Level Designer & QA/Playtesting Lead

Melissa McQuarrie @melmakesgames

LEAD Narrative DESIGNER & Marketing lead

Nuha Alkadi @nuhanotnoah


P.J. Tremblay @audio4n6

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